What's our purpose? What are the principles that guide our actions?

HAUS stands for Houston Access to Urban Sustainability Project.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower everyone.

The HAUS Project was formed in late 2010 to provide affordable, sustainable, cooperative housing in the accessible, urban core of the Houston region within close proximity of Houston’s growing light rail transit system. Our goal is to open 5 green coops in 5 years.

Core Values

Provide affordable housing operated cooperatively by residents.

Provide greener, more sustainable lifestyle options

Educate the general public about cooperative organizational principles and greener, more sustainable lifestyle options

Assist other cooperative and sustainable efforts in the Houston region and elsewhere

Treat others the way they'd like to be treated.

Our customers and teammates have different needs from our own, so we must consider their perspectives to communicate effectively. We work best together when we empathize with one another, and we create the best product when we understand the people we are building for.

Fight the default of exclusion.